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Reactie van UNDP

25 jul 07

De reactie van UNDP op de kwestie Melkert:

"As part of overall UN Reform, the responsibility of the Associate Administrator of UNDP increased from what it had been previously. The current Associate Administrator, Ad Melkert, has worked extremely hard in his new role as the Chief Operations Officer of UNDP.

In a message to all UNDP staff worldwide on June 26, 2007, Kemal Dervis said, "Let me…thank Ad and the team he led for their hard work on the Strategic Plans as well their tireless efforts to strengthen management processes and controls. As senior manager in charge of oversight of UNDP's programmatic work, Ad requires and deserves our full support. I want to reiterate what I said in my Board speech: that I feel very privileged that AD is Associate Administrator and manager of UNDP programmes and operations." This statement and sentiment have not changed.

You might also be interested to know that UNDP conducts anonymous Global Staff surveys to find out what could be improved at UNDP. When our staff worldwide was asked about their support for Ad Melkert, an overwhelming 73% said they supported him and his work. For your information, this was nearly double the support for the previous Associate Administrator."

The idea that somehow UNDP staff are afraid of or don't support Ad Melkert is simply not true."


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